Posted by Chris M Sunday, December 20, 2009

Even more photographs

Stoney Indian Pass
Stoney Indian Pass in Glacier National Park. Various glacier landforms.

Split Mountain
Split Mountain, an anticline in Dinosaur NM. Take a look at the gigapan from Ron Schott for a different view and better geology write-up.

Labyrinth Canyon
Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River in Canyonlands NP.

Brontosaurs Tracks
Brontosaur tracks at Picket Wire Canyon in SE Colorado.

Valle Grande
Valle Grane, part of the larger Valles Caldera in N New Mexico.

Gila Box
Riparian forest, floodplain, terrace of Gila River in Gila Box in eastern Arizona.


Silver Fox said...

Looks like you've done a lot of traveling this year! :)