Posted by Chris M Monday, May 14, 2007

Snake Den Mountain

With my Spring semester over, I hiked up Snake Den Mountain and Inadu Knob in GSMNP. It looks like spring finally reached the mountains, as numerous wildflowers were blooming, including large numbers of trillium.
Spring in GSMNP Spring in GSMNP 2 Trillium 2 Trillium 1

However, it wasn't the only interesting I saw. Near the top of Inadu Knob, are a few pieces of a Air Force F-4 Phantom that crashed in 1984.
F-4 Phantom 3 F-4 Phantom

Finally, here is a view of English Mountain from Snake Den Mountain and a view of Snake Den Mountain and Inadu Knob.
View from Snake Den Mountain Inadu Knob