Posted by Chris M Thursday, August 23, 2007

Even more photographs from thesis work

This batch of photographs are going to show some of the artifacts/remains of logging I have found while doing my field work. This is by no means comprehensive of what I have seen, just some of the nice looking ones.

First, I have several old rail road track pieces, now mostly covered by vegetation. The first image is from the floodplain of Big Creek, but the second image is from far up Mouse Creek (you will see the slopes in another image).
Rail track Rail track

Also far up Mouse Creek I found this chain. It was on the side of the stream. It is possible it was stretched across the creek to hold the logs back until they were all ready to be "floated" down to the sawmills. The second image shows, to my best guess, some sort of heater for warmth or cooking food (it is about 2.5 ft tall, 1 ft across).
Chain Heater

Finally, up along the slope there are several old logging skids. Notice the extreme slope (> 30 degrees) in the lower left and upper right it was built into.
Old Logging Skid