Posted by Chris M Monday, August 13, 2007

More photographs from thesis work

I thought I would share a few more photographs I have taken while doing my thesis work. First the ugly. Often getting to sites requires going through "rhododendron hells". These are thickets of rhododendrons that make it near impossible to walk without getting caught on something. The first image is taken be me in one, and the second is looking into one (I had to go through it).
Rhododendron hell 1 Rhododendron hell 2

The next two images were taken a old growth regions of the park. The first one is a tree in a stream that was approximately 3.5 ft in diameter and 30 ft long. This was only a small part of the tree, as most was not in the stream, but on the hillside above it. The next is the base on a long dead tree (perhaps American Chestnut... the bark is long gone) that was still roughly 15 ft in diameter. To get an idea of how the tree could have look, see this rather famous image (I have seen it many times).
Copperhead Branch Dead

Lastly, a huge Tulip Popular and Black Bear scat, both in Albright Grove.
Albright Grove Bear Scat