Posted by Chris M Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow on the valley floor

The week saw a couple of storms with very low snow levels, down to some Mojave valley floors. Even Las Vegas got 3.6 in of snow, the most since 1979! Now, some places in Nevada do get snow (it is the name), but it is unusual for my location. In my own neck of the woods desert, we had two snow events, totaling 4.9 in for the last three days (I am the 5 in SE Nevada). The yearly average snowfall for my location is 1.9 in!

Pahranagat Snow
The back end of the storm system this morning.
Pahranagat Snow
That isn't salt in the foreground.
Last unfrozen hole
One Northern Shoveler and several American Coots gather in the only ice free part of a pond.


Silver Fox said...

Those are neat map links! It looks like the big snow that came on the 15th has just been staying and not melting.

Owlfarmer said...

Chris: I just found your blog while looking for images of the dunes south of Owens Lake, and it's a treat. I'll be catching up with your posts as I have time; it's always encouraging to find a well-written, science-based blog from a fellow map-lover and desert person. Exiled here in north Texas, I miss Eastern California and Nevada more than I can say, so I truly appreciate your being in the blogosphere. Happy New Year!