Posted by Chris M Monday, January 12, 2009

Map Monday #8: Streamgages in Antarctica

When you think of collecting some data in Antarctica, the cryosphere or maybe some seismology is probably what comes to mind. How about some stream discharge measurements?

The McMurdo Dry Valleys are famous for their lack of ice cover and the strong katabatic winds that blow. But during the summer, it gets warm enough to melt some ice and create streams in the dry valleys. And where there is water to measure, the USGS is there. They even have a couple sites that have real time data online! The below map shows the sites of 20 stream gage sites within Taylor valley.
USGS Stream Gage Taylor Valley

I just have to include the photograph of someone doing a discharge measurement! Maybe that can be me someday.... :-)
Streamgaging on Onyx River at Lake Vanda, Wright Valley, Antarctica
Streamgaging on Onyx River at Lake Vanda, Wright Valley, Antarctica. Photo by Chris Jaros, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.

Map Information
Locations of streamgages in the Taylor Valley, Antarctica. From Streamgaging in Antarctica. USGS Wyoming Water Science Center.